"In an age when many technical authors feel they must inundate their readers with thousand page textbooks, it was a pleasure to read your beautiful book. It succinctly gets to the important topics and helps the reader separate the 'wheat from the chaff'. The illustrations and typographical layout are great!"
     - Ed Marvin, Senior Principal Engineer, The Boeing Company
"I found it a breath of fresh air with its patient and unpatronizing approach to the world of signals and systems."
     - Tomas Ward, Professor, Univ. College Dublin (Ireland)
"Accelerates the learning process by bringing out the key points on each topic in a clear, easy-to-read manner. Guaranteed to be a real time-saver for students."
     - Deron Jackson, 6.003 Head Teaching Assistant, M.I.T.
"Packed with more information per page than any other book of its kind. A valuable resource for any engineer."
     - Jeff Levison, Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
"Finally I have found a book on Signals and Systems that is written in plain English."
     - Jesse Manibusan, Student, U. Hawaii
"I was very impressed with the quality and scope of your book; it is one of the best engineering textbooks I have purchased."
     - Steven Marrano, Professional Engineer, American Water Works
"Really enjoyed your book. It helped me tie the concepts together after a long period of using some and letting the others slip by the wayside."
     - Dan Sternlicht, Researcher, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
"A worthwhile companion to traditional texts in the field."
     - Dr. Andy B. Dobrzeniecki, Instructor, Harvard Medical School
"I can say this is the best book I have seen which summarizes a lot of the fundamentals you really should know in a nice, clearly formatted, condensed form."
     - Brian Marquis, Graduate student, Mechanical E., Tufts Univ.
"Written with the student in mind in an unusually clear and simple language. It's like having your own personal tutor. I wish I had this book when I was studying for my qualifiers."
     - Rachel Learned, Doctoral candidate, M.I.T.
"Clearly emphasizes relevant concepts and problem-solving skills without losing the reader in unnecessary details. This is the kind of book that should have been written long ago."
     - Dr. Kleanthes Koniaris, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, M.I.T.

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Comments by MIT students

The Underground Guide to Course 6 is an unofficial, but highly utilized, course evaluation guide for the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science courses at MIT.

Most students take these comments quite seriously and often base future class decisions on them. The excerpts below are taken from the synthesized summaries compiled from student evaluation forms given out at the end of each term.